Khwezi Mabasa

Khwezi Mabasa

Khwezi has 12 years of lecturing at university, working in the progressive trade union movement as National Social Policy Coordinator, Programme Manager at Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES) and is currently working as a Senior Researcher: Political Economy at the Mapungubwe Institute (MISTRA).

He has an array of skills and experience straddling research, lecturing, writing, public policy development, facilitation, advisory and consulting.

His areas of interest include heterodox political economy, political sociology, labor studies, and South African politics. His PhD thesis focuses on a gendered analysis of South Africa’s agrarian question.

He is also affiliated with the Mapungubwe Institute (MISTRA), Society Work and Development Institute (SWOP), Wits.

Khwezi has published the following works:

  • Mabasa B & Mabasa K (Eds). (2021). Land in South Africa: Contested Meanings and Nation Formation. A MSITRA Publication.

  • Cawe A & Mabasa, K (2020). Beyond the Tenderpreneurship Discourse: Rethinking Black Business and Economic Empowerment. A MISTRA Publication.

  • Abafazi Bayazbambela: A Gendered Response to South Africa’s Agrarian Question. In: Land in South Africa: Contested Meanings and Nation Formation. Edited by B. Mabasa & K. Mabasa (2021).

  • The impact of new technologies on labour relations and market structures in the economy: a case of Uber. In: South Africa’s Fourth Industrial Future. Edited by Z. Mazibuko (2020).

  • The Developmental State and Black Economic Empowerment: Lessons from East Asian capitalist models In: Beyond the Tenderpreneurship Discourse: Rethinking Black Business and  Economic Empowerment. Edited by A. Cawe and K. Mabasa. 2020.

  • Democratic Marxism and the National Question: Race & Class in Post-Apartheid SA. In: Racism After Apartheid: Challenges for Marxism and Anti-racism. Edited by V. Sagtar. 2019.
  • Trade Union Organising in the Mining Sector – A structural perspective on worker insurgency and shifting union strategies. In: The future of Mining: Sunrise or Sunset? Edited by S.Valiani December 2018. (co-authored Chinguno, C).
  • Labour Unions and South Africa’s Foreign Policy: The Case of COSATU. In: ‘From the Outside In: Domestic Actors and South Africa’s Foreign Policy’. Edited by C. Landsberg and L. Masters. (co-authored Orr, L.)


  • The Rebellion of the Born Unfrees: Fallism and the Neo-colonial Corporate University. Strategic Review of Southern Africa, Vol 39 No 2. November 2017.
  • Revisiting China’s Developmental State: Lessons for Africa. In Strategic Review for Southern Africa, Vol 38, No 1 pp-69-84. May 2016 (co-authored Qolomba, Z).