Special Projects

The Next South Africa

Through this project, we hope to inspire South Africans to dream again. It is not sufficient to defeat Apartheid and establish political democracy. The aspiration of a ‘united’ and ‘prosperous’ South Africa must be ultimately realised. Almost three decades later, several key indicators show that South Africa could be headed for another major transition of one kind or another and consequently, the birthing of the next South Africa. There is a need to engage with this kind of (un)certainty and help shape the next South Africa. What will the next South Africa look like? How will it be shape? What are the key issues? Who are the key actors? Who benefits?

The Lobby Reality

Through this project, we hope to improve relations between organised interests and state actors in respect to public policy decision-making. At present, the lobbying and advocacy industry in South Africa is unregulated and there is a significant part of it which operates in the black market. Its power and influence on public policy is unchecked. Such unchecked power can lead to unfair skewed outcomes and the endangerment of our democracy and a variety of other institutions. Is it not time we begin to work towards regulating the lobby and advocacy industry in South Africa?

Lekgotla (la Sechaba)

Through this project, we hope to introduce a number of new conversations, formats and delivery methods.